Apex Legends Season 2 Is Not Thrilling on Twitch

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Last 2nd of July the Apex Legends Season 2 finally started, which unlike the first one has fleshed out the playful offer with a more than satisfactory amount of content, including the new legend Wattson, the L-Star rifle, a The most varied Battle Pass, the challenge system and the Classified Mode.

Yet, the interest from Twitch viewers does not seem to have returned to the levels of the debut period. In the days following the launch of Season 2, the average number of spectators during the day never exceeded 50,000 units, stopping rather at a peak of 45.942, recorded on the day of debut. On 3 July the value remained substantially stable, but in the two following days, it fell first to 36.538 and then to 26.673. Until last March, Apex Legends was able to easily overcome the 100,000 average spectators, before the inexorable and slow decline that not even Season 2 was able to stop.

What do you think? Have you returned to playing Apex Legends with the start of the new season? We take the opportunity to let you know that among our pages you will find a guide to using Wattson, and that Twitch Prime subscribers can get free Apex Legends skins.