Beyond Pokemon Sword and Shield: In the Future Real-Time Fighting? Game Freak Talks About It


Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori, producer and director of Pokemon Spada and Pokemon Scudo, gave a substantial interview to the British Metro, during which several issues were addressed.

After confirming that the Game Freak team would prefer to introduce novelties in the Pokemon series gradually, the two members of the software deepened the production path that led to the definition of which features would be included or not included in the two new Nintendo Switch games. Urged by the author of the interview, the two discussed, in particular, the possibility of offering a completely open-world game, with a similar approach to Skyrim, or of transforming the turn-based combat system into one based on real-time fights.

With regards to this last point, the response offered by the two members of Game Freak was particularly interesting. Ohmori stated: “[…] Everything simply returns to what we think Pokemon fans are really eager to try and, for example, real-time fights – we thought about it before, but we keep coming back, at least for these games, to the turn-based combat system, which is what Pokemon fans most appreciate.

This conclusion aroused the interviewer’s curiosity, which asked if the words used by Ohmori could imply a desire to try the mechanics in a spin-off. Masuda’s reply was rather concise: “We have many ideas, but nothing to comment on at this very moment [laughter]”.