Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: An Exotic Weapon Powered by an Alien Insect Revealed!

Destiny 2: Bungie Will Reveal the First Details on Year 3 Next Week

During the last edition of the GuardianCon, the Bungie developers showed the scale model of a bizarre submachine gun that we will find among the new exotic weapons of Shadowkeep, the next Destiny 2 expansion set on the Moon.

In addition to the exquisite workmanship of the model and design which, presumably, we will find intact in the digitized version of the weapon to be unlocked in the shooter universe of Shadows from the Deep, the peculiarity of this heavy equipment consists in its internal mechanism.

When loading the ammunition belt, in fact, the exotic submachine gun of Shadowkeep reveals the presence of a bizarre giant alien insect : the creature is trapped in a block of jade, in turn, connected to the weapon by a series of cables which, purely theoretically, should transfer the mysterious energy of the alien to every shot fired by the Guardians who will be able to get hold of this unusual instrument of death.

At the top of the news, you will find an explanatory video showing the model of the new Destiny 2 Shadowkeep exotic weapon. What do you think of this curious submachine gun and its “guest”? The launch of the new expansion is scheduled for September 17th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, while for the version destined for future users of Google Stadia we will have to wait until the servers of the new Big G game in streaming service open, scheduled here in Italy in November.