Digimon Survive: Western Exit Sled to 2020 on PC, ps4, Xbox One and Switch

Digimon Survive

On the occasion of the last edition of the Anime Expo, the leaders of Bandai Namco and the authors of Witchcraft announce that the development of the Western transposition of Digimon Survive will take longer than expected, thus causing a shift to 2020 of the release of the title on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Announced in July last year, the Digimon Survive project was created to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the anime and offers an adventure that will feature characters made by Uichi Ukumo and a soundtrack edited by Tomoki Miyoshi.

The reasons behind the postponement to 2020 of the release of the title have not yet been communicated, although it is not necessary to possess the insight of the group of teenagers led by Takuma Momozuka to understand that the extra time required by the Polish developers will make it easier important localization phase from Japanese to English of dialogue, interface, and gameplay elements.

We, therefore, hope to see as soon as possible the new launch date of Bandai Namco’s ambitious RPG on PC and console.