Dr. Mario World: New Trailer Shows the Skills of Luigi, Toadette and Ludwig

Dr. Mario World Is Released in July on Iphone and Android!

For some time now, the Kyoto House has been offering videogame experiences for mobile platforms linked to some of its brands or more iconic characters.

Within this context, there is also the announcement of Dr. Mario World, an expected title on both iOS and Android devices. As the release date of the game approaches, Nintendo has decided to share with the public a new trailer of the game, in which we are presented with the abilities of some of the characters of the great N that for the occasion will act as ” Assistants “of our Mario. Among these, the film shows us in a particular way Dr. Luigi; Dr. Toadette and Dr. Ludwig. To get a clearer idea of ​​the gameplay mechanics that will characterize the game, you can view the new trailer directly at the opening of this news! 

We take the opportunity to remind you that, recently, the Kyoto House has made available an additional trailer, in which the multiplayer mechanics of Dr. Mario World were presented in detail. In closing, we remind you that the release date of Dr. Mario World is now imminent: the application dedicated to this new mobile game linked to the videogame universe Nintendo will indeed make its debut next Wednesday 10 July!