Fortnite 14 Days of Summer Welcomes Mat Hunting for Storms and New Weapon out of Stock


The special Fortnite 14 Days of Summer initiative continues, with the addition of a Timed Mode and the reintroduction of a previously removed weapon every day.

To announce the latest news is the official Fortnite Twitter account, through the two tweets that you can find directly at the bottom of this news. One of these presents us with the weapon out of stock that is available to Fortnite video game players for a limited period. The Bolt-Action Precision Rifle makes its new debut in Epic Games’ battle royale: are you happy with this choice?

On the front of the new Limited Time Mode, instead, the development team has chosen to enable the MAT Hunting for storms: Surfando. This is a game mode in which Fortnite players face off against teams. All users will begin their game in a vehicle. However, staying in balance will not be easy at all. In fact, with the passing of time, in the inventory will come to generate periodic pulse grenades. To achieve victory, you will need to be able to stand longer than all your opponents! 

In closing, we remind you that these are not the only novelties of the battle royale. Recently, new chips have appeared in the game: on pages you can find information on where to find the Fortbyte 40 or how to find the Fortbyte 83.