Fortnite: Look for a Small Rubber Ducky in the Summer Dive Loading Screen


There is now the thirteenth challenge of the 14 Days of Summer of Fortnite. This requires you to find the small rubber duck in the hidden spot on the Summer Dive loading screen: we show you its exact location on the map.

During the event, 14 exclusive challenges will be proposed, accompanied by specific rewards. The reward for today’s mission will be the Scintille music. By completing all the challenges (remember that a new one will come every 24 hours) you can unlock the Frappé decorative back. Below we explain how to complete today’s challenge.

Look for the little rubber ducky in the hidden spot on the summer dive screen (0/1)

After analyzing the summer dive screen, we learned that the rubber ducky in question is located south of Palmeto Paradisiaco, inside the red circle that we have traced on the map shown at the bottom of the page.

Once on the site, the little rubber duck is inside a tank. All you have to do to complete the challenge, therefore, is to go to the place, locate the tank and interact with the small rubber ducky, just as shown in the video at the top.

Speaking of the other challenges of the Fortnite 14 Days Summer event, we remind you that on our pages we have explained to you how to complete the challenge. Visit a beach umbrella and a giant rubber duck. We also remember that we also showed you where to find the secret Star of Week 9.