Fortnite: Ninja Stops Live Videos to Cure an Eye Infection

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From the pages of his widely followed Twitter profile, Tyler Blevins momentarily stops playing Ninja’s shoes to tell his fans that he has to stop the live videos of Fortnite Battle Real due to an eye problem.

With a message that triggered the immediate reaction of his followers, Ninja explains that “there will be no streaming today, my eye is disgusting and I look like a pirate with a blood red eye. I am taking antibiotics, so I hope to get better tomorrow”.

The gigantic promotional and communicative machine of the world’s most famous Fortnite streamer, as a result, crashes abruptly due to an eye infection that will force Tyler to follow a course of antibiotics that will most likely keep him away from his loyal fans for a few days.

In the sea of ​​comments coming from the community, there are also those who express a certain concern, recalling a previous ailment made by Tyler himself before the explosion of the planetary phenomenon of Fortnite and its rise with the nickname of Ninja: many, in fact, have resumed an old tweet of August 2014 in which the Detroit streamer complained about a possible partial detachment of the retina of the right eye which, he said, could even lead him to blindness.

Wishing Ninja a speedy recovery, we leave you with an in-depth article by Giovanni Calgaro that traces the career and earnings of the most famous streamer on the planet.