Fortnite: The New Beach Bomber Skin Arrives in the Store on 7 July

Beach Bomber

Epic Games continues inexorably to introduce content into the Fortnite Battle Royale object store, which once again welcomes a brand new skin.

Today’s name is Beach Bomber, it is of a rare level and can be purchased at 1,200 V-Buck. Along with with it were also introduced the other objects of the set Sole and Arcobaleni, that is the Cargo hang glider (not common, 500 V-Buck) and the cover for Lucenti Stelle weapons (not common, 300 V-Buck). Also today, we are also offered the opportunity to get our hands on the objects of Stranger Things 3, namely the Cape Hopper and Demogorgone skins, and the cover called Tralci. 

What will you buy? We take the opportunity to point out that the challenges of Week 10 of Season 9 have already been leaked on the net. Yesterday, meanwhile, the Fortbyte 83 also appeared in a rock garden near the coast.