God of War: For a Mistake Kratos Could Have Been Called “Stig”! Stig Asmussen Tells It

God of War

Stig Asmussen is currently working on Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, but in the past, he worked for a long time on the God of War series, including the creation of the first chapter.

In the course of work on the debut chapter of what would later become one of the most famous franchises in the gaming industry, one of the themes at the center of the Santa Monica reflections was the name of the protagonist. In an interview given to Game Informer, Stig Asmussen told about a nice anecdote about it, from which we learn that the developer could accidentally transfer his name to that of the future Kratos!

Asmussen tells how, originally, the team working on the future first God of War game, which debuted on the market in 2005, referred to the protagonist as “Dominus”. However, the latter did not find the approval of the marketing department. As a result, the then director David Jaffe had offered team members the opportunity to draw up a list of different proposals. Among these, there was also Asmussen himself, who had indicated a “handful of names”. Everything was then tested by the marketing department, which finally reduced the possibilities to around four or five names, including, of course, the now iconic “Kratos”. Within this restricted list, however, “Stig” was also present! The developer, he said, had not entered his name in the list, but had simply indicated it on the document because this was attributable to him. Apparently, however … to the marketing section, the option was not at all sorry! Stig Asmussen has not had the opportunity to collaborate in the creation of the “new” God of War, which debuted on the PS4 during 2018, but stated: “[…] It was exactly what God of War needed”.