Jedi Fallen Order: Respawn Motivates the Choice of the Male Character

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Having overcome the problems associated with the Jedi Fallen Order lightsabers, the head developer of the Respawn Entertainment project, Stig Asmussen, unveils an interesting background on Game Informer microphones about the very early stages of EA’s ambitious action sci-fi set of Star Wars.

Returning to the thorny question of the doubts fed by Disney, Asmussen explained that he had “talked to them about the role of the protagonist of our game and its genre. We came to the choice of the male hero because at the time, Rey was the protagonist of the films of Star Wars and therefore it made much more sense for us to propose a male hero “.

Still on the character of Jedi Fallen Order and the final decision to opt for the young Padawan Cal Kestis , the lead author of the new Respawn title reveals that they could even choose to let us play an alien character, a rarity in the expanded dimension of Star Wars: “In the end we didn’t decide to propose an alien hero because this choice would have pushed the players away. We wanted to be sure that there would be a real human connection between users and our character”.