Larian Studios: Google Stadia Cloud Gaming Is More Interesting Than PS5 and Xbox Scarlett

Google Stadia

After discussing the Baldur’s Gate 3 multiplayer and its analogies with Divinity Original Sin, the managing director of Larian Studios, Swen Vincke, explained that, according to his point of view, Google Stadia’s cloud gaming technology makes it more interesting than the next-gen consoles.

Interviewed by colleagues from WCCFTech, Vincke fueled the discussion among video game enthusiasts who eagerly await the release of the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft by saying that “to be honest, people already have SSDs in their PCs, so this is not a revolution”, referring to the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett hypervelocity SSD .

Based on the experience gained by the CEO of Larian, cloud gaming could give us much more advanced gaming experiences than the next-gen consoles, especially as regards the realism of physics :“streaming is a very important technology for modern video games, and this is because if you can quickly transmit your data you can have a greater quantity of resources with high quality, which is practically what everyone expects from the next gen. “I think the most interesting question is how Google Stadia will change things. Stadia give the developers something really different. These machines are connected through data centers so you can start thinking about things like elastic rendering, a system which allows us to use the modular resources of those servers to perform impossible physical simulations on local hardware. I think there will be an evolution in that sense”.

The launch date of the new role-playing game in development at the Larian studios, the highly anticipated Baldur’s Gate 3, has not yet been announced: what we do know, however, is that the project is destined to see the light on PC and, indeed, on Google Stadia.