Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Here Is the New Rathian Armor Set!

Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Two New Weapons Trailers

With the release of the Iceborne expansion, Capcom will offer Monster Hutner World gamers the opportunity to dress new Master Rank Armor Sets in the game.

Some specific types of armour sets have already been presented to users: among these, we find for example those related to Odogaron and Girros, or the new Direwolf Amor Set. But that’s not all: the official Twitter account of Monster Hunter has in fact decided to officially present Hunters and Slayers with an additional set, always Master Rank. The latter is linked to the Rathian creature, also known within the game world as the “Queen of the Lands”. To take a first look at the details of this new set, you can view the videos available as an attachment to the twitters found at the bottom of the news. The two Tweets present the two different versions: what do you think? 

We also take the opportunity to inform you that the Monter Hunter World development team has announced that Iceborne will be the last expansion of the game, but that the latter is already committed to the planning of subsequent updates.