Nintendo Is Ready to Seize the Opportunities That Will Be Offered by Cloud Gaming

Nintendo Switch Also in April Is the Most Sold Console in the USA

With PlayStation Now available for a long time, and Google Stadia and Project XCloud ready to debut on the market, streaming gaming seems to get closer and closer to its definitive statement. During the recent investor meeting, Nintendo president Shuntaru Furukawa also had something to say about this topic.

“Although we doubt that games can become everybody clouds in a short time, technology is undoubtedly advancing. We envision a future in which cloud technologies and streaming will continue to be developed as a useful method of the games by the users. We have to be Keeping up with these changes in the industry. Having said that, if these changes will help increase the gamer population around the world, then they will provide us with more opportunities to reach users with our integrated hardware, software, and entertainment. unique that Nintendo can offer”.

Miyamoto, as we have already reported, agreed with Furukawa stating that “cloud gaming will spread further in the future”. At the same time, however, he does not believe that the new technology will completely replace traditional consoles like Switch. “I’m sure there will continue to be games that can entertain because they run locally and not in the cloud. 

What do you think of the words of the two executives of the great N? Nintendo has also said it is ready to counter Xbox Scarlett and PS5 and has started work on a mysterious next-gen controller.