Pokémon Go: The Global Challenge Was a Success, Bonuses Coming for Everyone!

Pokemon Go

One day ahead of the scheduled end date, coaches from around the world were able to complete Professor Willow’s Global Challenge entitled “PE of Candela”, organized at the Pokémon Go Fest in Dortmund.

The adventurers in the German city were able to complete a million research tasks, while the coaches of the Instinct, Courage and Wisdom teams around the planet completed a total of over 45 million tasks. That means only one thing: a lot of bonuses are coming! From 22:00 (GMT +2) on Tuesday 9 July at the same time as 16 July, you will be able to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Triple Experience Points from Capture
  • A 1-hour Fortunuovo
  • The triple of experience points from hatching
  • Double Raid Experience Points

Furthermore, as a further prize, Entei will appear in the raids on Sunday 14 July 2019 (the exact time will be communicated later). The lucky ones could even have a chromatic Entei!

Speaking of chromatic monsters, numerous Shiny Pokémon is appearing all over the world at the Dortmund festival. In addition, in the skies of the German city, a Team Rocket hot air balloon was spotted, anticipating the arrival of the criminal organization within the game.