Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Becomes Bloodborne: A Mod Transforms the Combat System

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Bloodborne, despite both being games children of the From Software team, present two deeply different fighting systems.

modder, however, had fun trying to bring the first one closer to the second, giving our Wolf the chance to face his fearsome opponents with a style more similar to that of the Hunters of Yarnham. This is the user known on Youtube as “thefifthmatt”, who created a mod by Sekiro called “Bloodborne Combat Mod”.

Several changes made by the latter to the most recent work of the Miyazaki team. For example, greater emphasis is given to the evasion, which in part reduces the need to deflect the enemies’ blows. Using the latter, it will be possible to resist lunges or sweeps without necessarily having to resort to the Mikiri counterattack or jump, respectively. By virtue of this, the kanjis that warns the player of the imminent arrival of a particularly dangerous attack is removed. Furthermore, in Bloodborne style, inflicting particularly significant damage to enemies will allow you to recover some of your energy. You can see the mod in action directly in the video published by thefithmatt that you find at the beginning of this news: we warn you, however, that inside are shown, as expected, a large number of bosses and opponents of the game and is, therefore, full of spoilers

In closing we inform you that the modders seem to be particularly active on the game From Software: a mod has made it possible to play as Cloud or Geralt in Sekiro, while another allows players to take on the role of Gray Fox or Raiden in Sekiro.