Shenmue 3: Images and Videos From the Japan Expo on Fights and Mini-Games


As if to overcome the controversies related to the Shenmue 3 reimbursement plans, the top managers of Ys Net take advantage of the Japan Expo to show us new images and gameplay scenes of the last act of Ryo Hazuki’s epic action RPG on PC and PlayStation 4.

Coinciding with the Japanese fair, the authors following Yu Suzuki and the leaders of Deep Silver plunge us into the splendid atmospheres of Shenmue 3 with an explanatory film and unpublished images focused on the combat system and on the variety of minigames to be faced during the adventure.

Between 80s cabin cruisers and innocent funfair games, the roleplaying experience that awaits us playing Ryu Hazuki will be full of surprises, all in the hope of being able to find out who is behind the murder of his father to help him get revenge.

The marketing of Shenmue 3, due to the latest postponements, is scheduled for November 19 on PC (only on Epic Games Store) and in exclusive console on PS4. During E3 in Los Angeles, Alessandro Bruni took on the role of Ryu to conduct a thorough test of Shenmue 3 full of food for thought on the ambitions nurtured by Yu Suzuki, on the story of his latest project and on the dynamics of gameplay that we will experience freely exploring its microcosm.

You can watch Shenmue 3 Teaser Trailer here on Twitch.