The New Borderlands Video Gameplay 3 Shows the Ping Co-Op System

borderlands 3

After giving the unlucky Claptrap ruckus the honour of introducing us to the planet Pandora, the developers of Gearbox Software take advantage of the GuardianCon to show us the new system of Borderlands 3 Ping.

Thanks to the gameplay trailer packaged by US authors in the wake of Randy Pitchford, those who look forward to wearing their favourite Crypt Hunter can become familiar with the communication system that will enrich Borderlands 3 cooperative multiplayer experience.

Drawing inspiration from the excellent Pinging implemented by Respawn in the Apex Legends battle royale, the mechanism devised by Gearbox to facilitate the transmission of in-game messages between teammates is quite simple and consists in the use of “digital pins” to be placed with the pressure of a button on boxes of objects, scenery elements and enemies to report to the other members of the co-op party.

Whoever decides to face the hordes of aliens and marauders in the wake of the Calypso Twins by choosing to keep the loot sharing system, moreover, will be able to use the Ping system to indicate to his teammates the position of the weapons and equipment items present on the map. We, therefore, leave you with the video at the beginning of the article and we take this opportunity to remind you that Borderlands 3 will be available starting September 13th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.