After Elden Ring, FromSoftware Does Not Exclude Other Collaborations with Directors or Writers


Elden Ring is the first From Software project created in collaboration with a famous author, namely George RR Martin, but it may not be an isolated case, with the Japanese studio that seems increasingly interested in looking in this direction.

Speaking to IGN UK microphones, From Software producer Masanori Takeuchi expressed appreciation for Guillermo del Toro’s work for Pacific Rim, noting that the film managed to ” capture the typical atmosphere of Japanese robots, transporting everything in a context more adult and mature. “

Takeuchi would be honored to be able to collaborate with the well-known director in the future: ” We are completing the work on Metal Wolf Chaos XD and it is a franchise that we would like to propose again in the future, as you also know mecha and robots are in our DNA, a collaboration with del Taurus would be fun. “

Only a dream at the moment, but who knows that in the future it may not come true. From Software is currently working on Elden Ring (currently without a release date) and Metal Wolf Chaos XD, the latter arriving on August 6th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.