Animal Crossing New Horizons for Switch: This Is Why It Will Be Set on a Desert Island

Nintendo Does Not Want to Rush the Launch of Animal Crossing New Horizons

Once deepened the aspects related to the multiplayer of New Horizons, the project director of the new Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch, Aya Kyogoku, explains why the game will be set on a desert island.

According to reports from the main developer of New Horizons, “with the Animal Crossing series, we have always chosen to transfer players into scenarios already populated, or at least that already existed. This time we wanted to offer them a new experience and we thought that a desert island would have been right for us and would have been perfect”.

“Thanks to the deserted island weather, players can set foot on an unspoiled setting for the first time and create a new community through the island’s development ,  explains Kyogoku, promising a richer gaming experience precisely as a result of this choice: “As you progress in the construction of the village, you will meet new residents who will also build structures, and at that point you will really begin to live a familiar experience for every Animal Crossing enthusiast. In other words, with the theme of the deserted island, we want you to appreciate the joy of seeing your village born”.

At this point, we just have to remind you that the flight to the desert island of Tom Nook will officially start on March 20, 2020, just in time for the launch of Animal Crossing New Horizons exclusively for Nintendo Switch.