Batman Arkham Collection Confirmed Only for Europe


Yesterday we talked to you about Batman Arkham Collection for PS4 and Xbox One, a pop-up feature on Amazon UK and on the GameStop website, today new details emerge about this particular collection dedicated to the adventures of the Dark Knight.

Gaz Deaves, Rocksteady’s Marketing Manager, confirmed that Batman Arkham Collection exists but will only be released in Europe, in physical format with Steelbook enclosure included: the package includes full versions, with DLC related, of Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City and Batman Arkham Knight with additionally the skin Earth 2 Dark Knight, never distributed outside the United States.

Batman Arkham Collection will be available in Europe from 6 September in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One formats, the definitive edition for Bat Man’s do, waiting for WB Games to unveil Batman’s new game that has been so buzzed in recent months but not yet announced from the publisher.