CD Projekt Red AIMS to Move Players with Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Has a Release Date, There Is Also Keanu Reeves in the New Trailer

“Aren’t you crying?” “No, I got a bruschetta in my eye”. CD Projekt RED aims to make us brush up on a famous quote from Elio and the Stories Tese with Cyberpunk 2077, given that the intentions of the developers are to make his players move.

The lead this designer Pawel Sasko in fact, fortunately, continues to spread information about the highly anticipated videogame, and it seems that the game is going to be really very exciting. The software house wants to drag players into the story, and when Sasko was asked if there were tear-jerking missions similar to some views in The Witcher 3, the answer was rather eloquent: “Oh, I really hope so! Believe me guys, for what we’re doing we’ll make you cry, there’s no alternative. We’ll do everything we can to keep the player glued to the screen. “

The lead quest designer then continued: “I believe there will be joy, there will be tears, laughter and yes, even anger. We will let you experience all these feelings, it is one of our goals”. In short, get ready, because the CD Projekt RED guys are going to put us to the test. 
As for the quality of storytelling, it seems that the bar has been set rather high, given also the rumors about a possible Cyberpunk 2077 movie with Keanu Reeves.