Does the Value of Electronic Arts Shares Fall, Due to Apex Legends Season 2?

Apex Legends: Season 2 Will Introduce a New Accessory?

A WCCFTech report explores the link between the recent decline in Electronic Arts shares (-4.6%) and the lukewarm welcome given to season 2 of Apex Legends, which does not seem to have achieved the expected success, at least at first sight.

Available from 3 July, the second season of the Respawn Battle Royale is struggling to generate interest, on Twitch the maximum peak was 45,000 spectators while in March the game abundantly exceeded 100,000 active viewers.

The report does not totally blame Apex Legends for the drop in the value of the company’s shares, however, the link seems to be decidedly strong, as EA has not launched other products recently if we exclude EA Originals Sea of ​​Solitude, this too received with reviews partially negative by the international press. However, this is a minor production of the catalog that should not have such effects on stock market prices.

It is true that the value of EA shares can be reduced for various reasons, such as the July 4th holiday and related weekend, which has led many American players to leave home for a short vacation, thus reducing the potential audience interested in the game.

However, the ” Apex Legends problem “remains, there is no doubt that the game does not have the same appeal as the beginning and not even the many innovations of season 2 seem able to generate a new wave of interest.