Electronic Arts AIMS to Expand the Indie Development Teams of the EA Originals Program

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Having clarified the reasons that led Electronic Arts to launch EA Originals to improve EA ‘s bad reputation, executive vice president Matt Bilbey revealed he wanted to further expand the support program to the most talented indie developers.

At IGN.com, Bilbey explains that “the EA Originals program has recently increased due to the quality and opportunities offered by the independent scene. But if we look ahead and ideally project ourselves to the next one or two years, we could see our offer”.

“What is important for us is that each supported game is carefully supervised by an Electronic Arts producer, who acts as EA’s” tentacle “ , concludes the VP of the videogame giant with stars and stripes before adding that ” not we want to get to the point where a producer should be forced to take care of 10 or 15 different development teams, because that’s where we would lose the sense and the true uniqueness of what EA Originals is “ .

Even the other giants of the sector are watching with extreme attention to the indie panorama, it is enough to cite in this sense the efforts made by Nintendo to make the Nintendo Switch eShop the launching pad for many “underground” projects. No less important are the works in progress at Microsoft’s Xbox division to enrich the Xbox Game Pass catalog with dozens of independent video games supported by the ID @ Xbox program.

The leaders of Sony, instead, prefer to go in the opposite direction and build the future of PS5 with exclusive and great games for a hardcore audience : all, through partnerships with the most established publishers, producers, and developers of the industry, it is enough to cite in this sense the PS4 exclusive on Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding .