For Shigeru Miyamoto Nintendo Has Not Been Left Behind on Online Services and VR

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Shigeru Miyamoto is a legend of the videogame industry, obviously linked to Nintendo because of his long-standing relationships with the Japanese company, and for having created what later became his mascot, that is the Super Mario character, recently returned to the fore with Super Mario Maker 2.

No wonder, then, that the game designer has broken a lance in favour of the Great N, recently accused of being a little slow in pursuing global trends also in terms of technology and relatively new fields, such as mobile gaming, the cloud and the VR.

“We have not been left behind, neither with VR, nor with online services,” said Miyamoto. ” We work from the beginning, and we have experimented in a wide variety of ways. In the meantime, we have objectively evaluated whether they really allow better experiences for our customers and if we can offer them at an appropriate price. It seems we are more behind because we do not advertise our products before release “.

Regarding cloud gaming, here is what Super Mario’s dad said: “I think cloud gaming will become widespread in the future, but I have no doubt that there will continue to be games that are fun because they run locally, rather than on the cloud. “

To reinforce the statements of Miyamoto, there is the fact that Nintendo Switch Online has exceeded 10 million subscribers in less than a year, thus proving a fair step forward compared to the recent online history of the Japanese brand.

What do you think of his words?