Fortnite: Check the Robot’s Torso, Air Attack Coming

Cattus vs Doggus Event

Although the next Fortnite Battaglia Reale weight update, which will bring the game to version 9.40, is scheduled for next week, a new content update could be coming soon with the Attack on Air.

This was declared by the now famous Lucas7yoshi dataminer, according to which the new Epic Games branded gadget will make its debut during the current week. After all, the previous announcements made by the user have all proved to be reliable, with the punctual release of Heavy Rifle with Drum and Revolver. For the uninitiated, the Air Attack should allow you to launch a sort of signal rocket thanks to which the highlighted area will be bombarded with missiles whose damage is very similar to that of the classic grenades.

Also from the dataminer comes the image depicting the bust of the enormous robot that someone is building at a pressure plant, in the laboratory that appeared from nowhere in the now ex-volcano. It, therefore, seems that there is very little lack of completion of the work, which could come to an end just in time for the end of Season 9, when in all probability the robot will come to life and begin to fight with the Polar Peak creature, disappeared from the radar by some day.

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