Gearbox Has Announced a New Mode for Borderlands 3

Borderlands Game of the year

Since the announcement of Borderlands 3, it has been clear that the Gearbox game will keep the same soul as the previous chapters, despite the arrival of some news. There are in fact new features of the game, as well as obviously new equipment, settings, and missions, and now we also discover a new way.

This is a new type of duel announced by Gearbox, available for four-player parties: a fight of the kind all against all, which will allow you to resolve some internal dispute, or simply to test the weapons in your possession.

There are not many other details about it at the moment, but we are sure that making some friends with your friends will be one of the reasons why many fans of the saga will buy the game, so the addition announced by Gearbox will only be appreciated.

The release date of Borderlands 3 is set for September 13, 2019, between just over two months, and promises to be a rather long-lived title: the duration of the Borderlands 3 campaign will, in fact, be around thirty hours, excluding the exploration, all subquests, and free play. A lot of meat on the fire, in short.