Gears 5: New Video Overview of the Locations of the District Map


From the pages of their official YouTube channel, the leaders of The Coalition follow up on the video of the Escalation mode of Gears 5, creating a new trailer that accompanies us through the streets of District, the multiplayer map that will be the background to the Tech Test activities of the new Gears of War on PC and Xbox One.

Inspired by the splendid Art Deco-style architecture that dominated the Jacinto skyline, the District setting is the plastic representation of the profuse passion of Canadian developers in evolving the graphics sector of Gears 5 drawing inspiration from what was done in the chapters precedents of this historic shooter series.

Among generous outdoor spaces and large rooms to explore freely, the map chosen by the digital artists of the Xbox Game Studios subsidiary will offer us a taste of the experience that we will experience facing the multiplayer modes of Gears 5 in the company of our intrepid alter-ego.

Before leaving you to the video overview of District, we remind you that the Gears 5 multiplayer Tech Test will take place from 07:00 am (GMT +2) on Thursday 18 July to 7:00 pm (GMT +2) on Sunday 21 July, with a second phase planned from the evening of the 26th to the morning of the 30th July, both on PC Windows 10 and on Xbox One. In any case, the final version of the Microsoft blockbuster TPS will be released on September 10th and can be downloaded and enjoyed “free” by Xbox Game Pass subscribers.