Marvel the Great Alliance 3: There Is Also Venom in the New Gameplay Video

Marvel the Great Alliance 3

With the official debut of Marvel, the Great Alliance 3: The Black Order is just a few days away and, to make the wait less difficult, you can take a look at a new video of the game that shows a short demo.

To be precise, in the video in question you can see different heroes like VenomCaptain MarvelSpider-ManWolverineStarlord and many others. In case you didn’t know, the title allows you to control a party made up of four different superheroes of the Casa delle Idee, which can be changed with the push of a button. At some points in the adventure, you can also access a menu that will allow you to make substitutions, in order to change the heroes of your group.

Before leaving you to the gameplay movie, we remind you that the game will arrive on the shelves of all the shops starting from next July 19th exclusively on Nintendo Switch.