Playdead: The Sci-Fi Adventure of the Authors of Inside and Limbo Shows Itself in New Images


The leaders of the Danish studios of Playdead seek talents to be included in the development team of their new sci-fi game. The new page intended for those wishing to apply to become part of the Copenhagen software house contains unpublished images and sketches of the project.

Although many of these screenshots have already been leaked on the net in recent months, the high-definition version of the images and artwork on the official Playdead website allows us to immerse ourselves in the alienating atmospheres of this title which, in all probability, will take on a playful form of a scrolling platform adventure game.

Taking inspiration from the experience gained with those little big gems of indie production that respond to the name of Limbo and Inside , the Danish developers will try to dive into a futuristic dimension that, judging by the scenes portrayed in the new artwork, should gravitate around the Odyssey performed by an astronaut landed on an alien planet.

Similarly to what lived in Limbo and Inside, also in the new title, we will, therefore, have to explore hostile environments in order to obtain an escape route and regain the stars: nothing, however, forbids the Playdead team to insert elements of innovation into the gameplay through sessions to be carried out in three-dimensional scenarios. To the old and new lovers of this kind of narrative experiences tinged with puzzle-platform elements, we remind you that Inside is part of the new Games With Gold offer of July and that, for this reason, can be downloaded for free on Xbox One from all subscribers to Xbox Live Gold and by members of the new Game Pass Ultimate service.