The Division 2: Players Have Not yet Discovered All the Secrets

The Division 2: The Eight-Player Raid Was Also Completed on the Console

Interviewed by Game Informer reporters to discuss The Division 2 lore, Terry Spier explained, as Creative Director of Red Storm Entertainment, that users of Ubisoft’s ambitious tactical shooter have yet to unravel some secrets of the game world.

“If I try to draw up a list with the secrets of The Division 2, I agree that there is still someone to be unveiled, maybe even just a couple,” explained Spier, referring to activities, narrative ideas and elements of rare equipment scattered over the giant free roaming map of Washington DC and in the most hidden areas of its neighborhoods.

Many streamer and content creators on YouTube and Twitch, in fact, continue to explore the gaming universe of The Division 2 to discover the latest secrets of Washington DC and its Black Zones , all with the hope of understanding which direction the Ubisoft authors to shape the activities of Episode 2, scheduled for the year, and Episode 3 , expected in early 2020 .

Thanks to the information shared by the leaders of the transalpine videogame giant during E3 2019, we already know that in the second episode we will be able to face a new Raid for 8 players set at the Pentagon, while with the third chapter of the Division 2 endgame experience we will have to explore a new area, presumably to face an unpublished enemy faction .