Ubisoft: Freedom of Choice Is a Priority for the Authors of Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: The New Trailer Shows Us Vasily, the Sniper

The executive director of Ubisoft Paris, Eric Couzian, has returned to talk about Ghost Recon Breakpoint to explain to future buyers of this ambitious shooter which choices the French developers have made to guarantee us the widest freedom of choice.

Discussing the gameplay of Breakpoint with his VentureBeat colleagues, Couzian stated that “for our team, giving our users total freedom of choice was a big priority. Whether you want to sneak missions or take a direct approach by going with weapons leveled against the enemy, in Breakpoint everything is possible, nothing in the game is scripted and predominated. To make you feel as if you were in the shoes of real soldiers of special bodies, we had to make everything more authentic”.

In the function of this approach devoted to realism and authenticity, the executive director of Ubisoft Paris then illustrates an important element of innovation linked to the gaming system: “We have introduced new features to expand the range of your tactical choices, as well as those related to the gameplay survival mechanics. You can, for example, disguise yourself with the surrounding environment by covering yourself with mud or snow depending on the type of terrain you are in. After all, the name of the game is ‘Ghost’ and allows you to become invisible, so much that you are the first to hit the enemy and take advantage of this advantageous situation. The merger with the environment will be an important part of the game. 

Among the other information pitted by Couzian, we also mention the introduction of a resistance indicator that will manage the level of “fatigue” accumulated by our alter-ego in exploring the game world: “Depending on the angle of inclination of the ground that you will climb, this will affect your stamina. You will have to look carefully at the map and ponder every action, considering for example whether it is worthwhile to risk being left without resistance to hope to have a strategic advantage gaining a high position like a hill “.

The launch of Ghost Recon Breakpoint is expected for October 4th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with a Beta testing phase scheduled for September.