Xbox Scarlett: The Version Based on Project Xcloud Could Have a Ridiculously Low Price

Xbox Scarlett Backwards Compatible With All Games and Accessories From Previous Consoles

Based on the rumors shared on the web by Microsoft insider and analyst Brad Sams, the leaders of the Redmond house are planning an “entry level” version of Xbox Scarlett based on xCloud, the new in-game streaming service scheduled for release later this year.

On the basis of the rumors and information gathered by Thurrott ‘s analyst, it would appear that this version of the next-gen console that will take the place of Xbox One, linked to the rumors of recent months on the Lockhart and Anaconda models of Xbox Scarlett, could be sold at a paltry price.

“They are planning a version of the next console based on xCloud”, Sams reports in fact, before adding that this device “will be low power and low latency, with optimized software and hardware developed to connect directly to Project xCloud to offer an experience better than Xbox One”.

According to a report by Brad Sams, this device should have a launch price of between 60 and 100 dollars, due to the lack of hardware components that allow its use outside of an online environment connected to xCloud servers.

“Think of how Google Stadia works” , explains the insider to investigate the question of the development cost and the low price of the hypothetical Lite version of Xbox Scarlett,stressing that “Stadia has only one controller that connects directly to the router and a discrete hardware that makes the user experience easier: Microsoft has a similar thing, a cloud console that consumes very little energy and is designed to make players’ experience better than, for example, using a smart TV: not is a set-top box or a competitor of Apple TV, but a box that lets you connect an Xbox controller directly to the moment all this is shrouded in mystery but I feel that this project has not been abandoned ” .

Moreover, judging by the latest report by NPD analysts regarding the next generation of Microsoft consoles, Project xCloud could be the key to Xbox Scarlett’s success.