Apex Legends Cheater Banned Live on Twitch by Respawn!

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Respawn does not tolerate the Apex Legends cheaters and is working hard to limit this phenomenon, as is also demonstrated by what happened recently in live streaming on Twitch.

During a broadcast of the ShivFPS streamer, his team found itself under the enemy fire of a particularly hardened opposing team … maybe too much. The use of cheats by the rival team is clear, with a series of exploits exploited to their advantage to easily win the games.

ShivFPS reacted accordingly, making the unfair player the star of his life in order to put him in a bad light with the community. The problem was solved in a few minutes, when the cheater was banned directly from Respawn, live with thousands of connected viewers.

The company has stated that it does not want to let go of the Apex Legends cheaters, with the aim of making the game a clean place and will continue to work to respect this commitment made with the public to launch the Battle Royale.