Better Late Than Never: Kingdom Under Fire 2 Arrives in the West at the End of 2019!

Kingdom Under Fire 2

From the pages of the official Blueside Facebook profile, the leaders of the South Korean development company announced, surprisingly, that they have signed an agreement with Gameforge to bring Kingdom Under Fire 2 to the West after more than four years after its Asian release.

In a joint statement, the managing director of Blueside Sejung Kim and the Chief Product Officer of Gameforge Tomislav Perkovic justify this choice by stating that the landing in North America and Europe of their MMORPG tinged with strategic elements is due to the great love that gamers enjoy Westerners have for this kind of multiplayer experience.

The partnership with the giant of online games on browsers Gameforge will allow the authors of Seoul to devote themselves to the transposition from Japanese to English of all the narrative elements, graphics and gameplay of Kingdom Under Fire 2, to then rely on the widespread infrastructure of servers of the German company in the hope of regaining the trust of the fans of the series.

After an unspeakable series of delays in a rebound of platforms (such as PS4) and graphic engines that ended up wearing down Blueside’s original ambitions, the RU-strategic experience of KUF2 will, therefore, be accessible, finally, to Western MMORPG fans on PC by the end of 2019. In this new version, of course, Kingdom Under Fire 2 will boast all the additional content and improvements made by the South Korean developers with the edition launched in the distant 2015 in the Asian markets.