Control: The New Remedy Game in Action in the First 13 Minutes of Gameplay

Control: The E3 2019 Teaser Trailer Accompanies the Pre-Order Opening

The expectation for the arrival of Control, the new intriguing single-player action-adventure developed by the boys of Remedy Entertainment, the Finnish software house that has already given us titles like Alan Wake and Quantum Break, grows more and more.

The colleagues have recently shown a new video dedicated to Control, thanks to which we can take a look at the first 13 minutes of gameplay taken from the main campaign. 

What emerges from the video is that even on this occasion Remedy has succeeded in giving her new project a fascinating atmosphere, full of mystery and darkness. In the first moments of the play, after a brief narrative introduction, our protagonist Jesse Faden will introduce in the Federal Bureau of Control in search of answers. Inside the building, there is a heavy and lugubrious air, with the appearance of the very first NPCs with which we can interact in these introductory phases. There are also battle scenes, and some surreal and paranormal moments, useful to highlight the creative direction of the project and the directorial skills of the Finnish developers.

Leaving you to watch the gameplay video you can view by following this link, remember that Control will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from August 30, 2019. Remedy illustrated the gameplay differences that will occur between Control and Quantum Break.