Fortnite 9.30 V3: All the Novelties of Royal Battle, Save the World and Creative Mode


The new Fortnite 9.30 v3 update has finally arrived, now available for download on all platforms. This Minor Update introduces Air Attack for Real Battle and Double Strike for World Save, as well as many new features for Creative Mode.

Air Attack

Throw it for help from above!

Time Mode Rotation

High Potential Explosives (Teams)
Real Battle Only with Explosive Weapons! Blast the enemies to send them back to the lobby and get the real Victory!

Silent (single)
silencers Night fights with silenced weapons.

Classical (teams)
The classic royal battle, only with weapons and objects from Seasons one and two.

Solid Gold (Pairs)
Fight to the end using legendary weapons!

Take! (teams)
In this mode, all firearms have been removed. The only weapons available are grenades and other throwing objects.

Blitz (teams)
Launch into this frantic time mode! Better if you stay in motion because the Storm never stops.

Fortnite Mobile

The amount of deletions required for a real Victory in Time-Bending Team Mode has been reduced from 150 to 50 on Android, iOS and Switch devices.

Fortnite Creative Mode

New Gallery Show off
a new paint job and create off-road tracks using the B Car Gallery! 


  • Car Gallery B, with more color variations for cars
  • Snow and mud floor gallery
  • Grass and sand floor gallery
  • Lava floor gallery

Fortnite Save the World

Double shot! 
A Destroyer … Two Destroyers … An Invulnerable Destroyer … A modified Destroyer.

De-atomizer 9000
Don’t trust atoms! They would do anything!