Fortnite: Epic Announces the Latest Mat and the Final 14 Days of Summer out of Stock Weapon

Fortnite A Leak Reveals the Challenges of Week 7 and the Rewards of 14 Days of Summer

After making us dance the Fortnite emotes with the skin of the Demogorgone of Fortnite X Stranger Things, the leaders of Epic Games conclude the series of Fortnite 14 Days of Summer events by publishing the last weapon Out of Warehouse and the final time mode.

The undisputed protagonist of yesterday’s off-the-war weapons program is the Silenced Assault Rifle, a powerful piece of equipment used by Fortnite Island Royal Battle explorers with the update introduced in mid-September and removed by Epic a few weeks later.

To conclude in the best way the multiplayer experience of 14 Days of Summer, the US authors of the most famous free shooter in the world decide to involve their fans with the MAT Battaglia of Corazzati, a variant of the normal battle royale challenges which involves a significant increase in Health and Shield points for players who decide to participate.

During the Battle of Tanks, active absorption has increased in line with the increase in health: depending on the increased Health bar and Shields of each player, the loot boxes scattered around the map have a greater quantity of ammunition but no healing object. Based on the information obtained from the dataminer, the end of the 14 Days of Summer event will coincide with the imminent arrival of new in-game activities that foresee the introduction of the Air Attack and the awakening of the gigantic Robot under construction at Mega Mall.