Fortnite: Where to Find the Fortbyte 34 Between the Fork and the Knife


Our hunt for Fortbyte continues on Fortnite Island Royal Battle (Season 9). In this mini-guide, we show you the exact location of the Fortbyte # 34 located between the fork and the knife.

After having explained to you how to get the Fortbyte # 37 which is located in the basement of a Bunker in Pacific Park, in this mini-guide we show you the exact position on the map of the Fortbyte # 34 which is located between the fork and the knife.

How to get the Fortbyte # 34 located between the fork and the knife

The Fortbyte # 34 is located inside the fork-and-knife-shaped excavation located between Borgo Bislacco and the Lande Letali, in the position indicated with circle and red arrow on the map shown at the bottom of the page.

All you have to do to get the Fortbyte # 34, then, is to land near the indicated place, go down in the fork-and-knife excavation, take down the wooden barrier with your pickaxe and finally collect the chip. To see exactly where the Fortbyte # 34 chip is, you can watch the video at the top.