Ghostwire Tokyo: Mikami’s Game Set in the Near Future; New Teaser Image


Officially announced during the Bethesda conference at E3 2019, Ghostwire Tokyo is the mysterious new title directed by Shinji Mikami, the historical creator of the survival horror series Resident Evil and The Evil Within.

Unfortunately, very little is known about the new work of the Japanese author, and all we have in our hands is the short cinematic trailer shown on the occasion of the Los Angeles fair. Recently, however, Ikumi Nakamura, creative director of Tango Gameworks who captivated viewers of E3 thanks to his plastic exhibit on stage, showed on Twitter a new intriguing teaser image, which we reported below.

It is a dynamic image sent in a loop for about a minute, which shows a female character shot from behind while looking at the Tokyo illuminated by the neon lights of its imposing buildings. It is interesting to note that in the caption Nakamura has specified that the title will be environmentalism in the near future and that the general concept will play a lot on the normal/paranormal duality (an aspect that could already be guessed at the announcement of the game).

Ghostwire Tokyo does not have an official launch date yet, nor do we know on which platforms Shinji Mikami’s new project will land. From the few details shared by the developers, we know that the title will be presented as a “new action and adventure game” set in a post-apocalyptic dimension dominated by some mysterious hidden force that caused the disappearance of a large part of Tokyo’s population.