Halo Combat Evolved: The spv3 Mod Updates with 4k and 60fps Resolution


The author of Halo SPV3, one of the most appreciated and downloaded mods by fans of Halo Combat Evolved on PC, puts an end to a media fast that lasted more than a year to inform us that we have published an important update that introduces the 4K and 60fps resolution.

The version 3.2 of the mod Single Player Version 3 follows the trail blazed by earlier editions to offer us the opportunity to push the graphics industry Halo at a resolution of 4K, all while maintaining a refresh rate of display images firmly on the frame 60.

Also from an exquisitely content point of view, the mod in question takes care to add six new missions and important optimizations to the 11 missions already present, through which to deepen the narrative aspects linked to the role of Thel ‘Vadam and have an interesting retrospective on the Covenants.

The game video made by the authors of this mod well represent the profuse passion to give shape to this amateur project: besides the 4K resolution and the 60fps, the new version of Halo SPV3 can boast a better motion blur and the compatibility of the environmental occlusion MXAO that makes the shadow system more realistic and their contrast with the more illuminated areas. As a result of these changes, the game’s launcher has also been rewritten to allow easier access to the configurable parameters of the mod.