Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Where to Find the Books of the Forbidden Department


The Books of the Forbidden Department are very rare objects that allow you to enhance the skills of the Professions of Harry Potter: United Wizards. In this mini-guide, we explain to you where to find them and how to get them in the game.

Below, all you need to know to get and use the Prohibited Books in Harry Potter: United Wizards.

How to get the Books of the Forbidden Department

At the moment the only way to get the Books of the Forbidden Department is to complete the special challenges of the Brilliant Events. In this regard, we remind you that until July 10th the Brilliant Flora and Fauna Fantastic Event will be available, which we have already discussed on our pages. By completing his challenges, you will be rewarded with 15 Books of the Forbidden Department.

What are the Forbidden Books for?

The Books of the Forbidden Department are a rare resource linked to the Professions of Harry Potter: United Wizards. In this case, these objects can be used to maximize the skills of various professions. Below we list the number of books in the Forbidden Department to be used to maximize the skills of each Profession:

  • Auror: 115
  • Magizoologist: 115
  • Teacher: 223

Advice on how to spend the Books of the Forbidden Department

By using the Books of the Forbidden Department, therefore, you will be able to unlock the different abilities of the various Professions. Below we give you some advice on the skills to develop.

As far as the Auror is concerned, we advise you to concentrate on improving the Enhanced Exhaustion Maleficent, Maximo Exhausting Abuse, Confounding Malefic Repetition and Mastery of Confounding Evil, so as to increase the damage inflicted on enemies.

Before unlocking Become the Animal (located low enough in the skill tree), as Magizoologist we recommend investing in Moon Resistance Spell, Maxima Resistance Spell, and Improved Resurrection Spell.

With Teachers, it is crucial to unlocking the +2 to the Initial Concentration, to then concentrate on the Abilities of Damage, Destruction, Improved Abuse and Maximo Damage Abuse.