Haven: The Ruinous Adventure of the Authors of Furi Is Shown on Video on ps4 and Switch


The great success of Furi allows the French developers of The Game Baker to expand the range of platforms on which their next project, the GDR Haven adventure, will come to light, to add the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions to the already announced edition PC user.

Officially presented at the beginning of the year, the Haven project puts users in the shoes of two lovers who, to rebel against the rules and live a completely free existence, decide to escape to a distant alien world.

The idyll of the two intergalactic lovebirds , however, will last very little , as we can imagine admiring the new gameplay trailer that confirms the transposition on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch: the planet on which they will try to build a new future together, in fact, will be full of creatures not particularly prone to dialogue.

The game system devised by the transalpine authors will make of the curiosity and collaboration between the two protagonists its distinctive features: the exploration phases of the planet will be inspired by Journey, while the combat scenes will be inspired by action-JRPG like Ni No Kuni or Person, with real-time attacks combined with skills and techniques to set on multiple shifts .

Haven’s launch date has not yet been announced, but presumably, it will be necessary to wait at least until 2020 before leafing through the alien daisies with the protagonists of this promising indie title on PC, PS4 and Switch. Let us know with a comment on what you think of this experiment halfway between Journey and the “oriental” role-playing games.