Is a New Expansion of Final Fantasy 14 Under Development?

Final Fantasy 14 at 16 Million Players, Here Is the Benchmark for Shadowbringers

Shadowbringers will probably not be the last expansion of Final Fantasy XIV Online: during the Japan Expo in Paris, Game Director Naoki Yoshida indeed confirmed the start of work on the next additional content of the game.

We use the conditional because at the moment there are no direct confirmations from Square Enix, the news was reported on Reddit where we talk about ” a panel held at Japan Expo last weekend “, an appointment of which, however, no trace can be found in the network.

During the keynote in question, Yoshida confirmed the work on new content and asked the public what types of jobs they wanted to see in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion, receiving responses like Beast Master, Chemist, and Healer.

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers is available from 2 July on PC and PS4, we are waiting for clarification regarding the alleged Game Director declarations held during the Paris event.