Mass Effect Andromeda: The New Mod Allows You to Explore and Fight in First Person

Mass Effect Andromeda

While waiting for BioWare’s top management to follow up on the promise to return to the Mass Effect series, the modders of the latest chapter of EA’s sci-fi saga, Mass Effect Andromeda, are making a tool available that allows us to face the title sci-fi with a first-person view.

The launch of the mod is accompanied by an explanatory film that well represents the work done by the amateur developers who have ventured into this venture. Thanks to the native support of the Frostbite Engine to the subjective view, the modders in question were able to integrate the camera in the first person both in the exploration phases within the “social areas” and, above all, in the open world scenes rich in scenes of combat.

Unlike what was recently proposed to us by the authors of the recent Mass Effect 2 first-person mod, therefore, ME Andromeda players who decide to install this amateur tool for free can turn the title into a true sci-fi FPS : the mod, in fact, it offers a complex aiming system and all the animations in charge of managing the change of equipment and the charging functions. Take a look at the video you find at the top of the news and tell us what you think of this fan-made project.

BioWare fans will then be “happy” to know that EA and the leaders of the Canadian development company intend to support Anthem for another 7 or 10 years, through the publication of free additional content that will help overcome the (perhaps insurmountable) difficulties encountered during the phased launch.