No Man’s Sky: Sean Murray Explains Why He Stopped Talking to the Press After the Launch

No Man's Sky

Intervened at a round table with the trade press held by the organizers of Develop: Brighton, the volcanic boss of Hello Games, Sean Murray, retraces the delicate launch period of No Man’s Sky explaining why he decided to cut the bridges with the press after the problematic exit of the sci-fi game.

At, Murray explains that “you don’t realize that as a developer you’re talking to millions of people when you attend events like E3 and that most users who buy your game may have only watched one trailer and probably saw only 30 seconds”.

For the father of No Man’s Sky , therefore, a communication strategy based only on interviews with sector employees may prove counterproductive , or even detrimental to the image of the game being developed and to be promoted, because on such occasions“It is very difficult to understand that you are talking enthusiastically about your game to people who are used to discussing with developers, and who in turn transmit their excitement. […] There is a disconnection there … clearly, for us, it is obvious that some things that we show are elements of a project in progress that can work or that can be abandoned, so we decided to cut this communication channel and think in another way, trying to make only a handful of people, that is our developers, know what we are doing “ .

In the summer it is expected the launch of No Man’s Sky Beyond , the new NMS free update for PC, PS4 and Xbox One which will introduce many unreleased multiplayer functionality and a PS VR support on PS4.