Pakistani Politician Celebrates a Plane Crash, but It Was Just a GTA 5 Video!


When you play a public role and you are forced to spend your day on social media to stay in touch with the voter base, it can happen to take a blunder and fall into the trap of fake news, as happened recently to a Pakistani politician after having watched a video of GTA 5.

From the pages of his official Twitter profile, Khurram Nawaz Gandapur, in fact, praised the incredible gesture made by a pilot of airliners who, he said, managed to make a “miraculous rescue” during landing by dodging the last second a truck that crossed, for some reason, one of the airport’s runways.

To sum the Pakistani political misfortune, however, the event immortalized in the movie posted proudly on its social profiles came from a streaming video gameplay of GTA 5: the dazzle of Gandapur, as often happens in these cases, it sparked immediate network reactions and caused general hilarity, with a river full of memes, sarcastic comments, and more or less caustic jokes addressed to the same representative of the institutions of the Asian country.

If you are interested, at the bottom of the article you will find the “incriminated video”, created by YouTuber The UiGamer and managed in a few days to reach 1.3 million views, both for the quality of the work done by the content creator and for the passion nourished by the fans of the blockbuster free-roaming of Rockstar Games between mod 4k of GTA 5 and heated discussions on rumors and GTA leaks 6.