Pete Hines of Bethesda: Game Streaming Will Be Essential to Reach New Markets

Bethesda Conference E3 2019 Commented Live Monday 10 June

Bethesda Softworks vice president, Pete Hines, explained to colleagues that game streaming could be crucial to enable the gaming industry to embrace new markets, as well as to consolidate its position in regions such as the US, Europe, and Japan.

“The potential number of people who could benefit from the innovations of the game streaming could be hundreds of millions of users, even billions,” Hines began before further exploring the topic, adding that “I am not saying now that everyone will convert to regular consumers and buyers of triple-A games for $ 60, but it allows you to open up to many more people who do not have to upgrade their PC or buy a new console, paying large sums of money to keep up with the news of the sector and this even before buying a single game “ .

Thanks to the revolution of cloud gaming promised by Google with the Google Stadia game streaming at 60fps or by companies like Microsoft with Project xCloud, the Bethesda executive believes that the new technology will allow us to “simply click on a button and have a try for free on any device connected to internet, or maybe make a purchase and have a game available that I can take wherever I go. This is a fairly big difference compared to anything else we’ve seen to date”.

What consequences could game streaming have on the video game industry on consoles and physical media in the long term? In this regard, Hines explains that “I really do not believe that this will make the consoles disappear, but if we think of the global market we realize that if in the United States the streaming of video games might not have a significant impact, in territories like India, China or Africa cloud gaming can really allow fans to enjoy high-level video games that they might never have been able to get “ .

Recently, Thurrott analyst Brad Sams said he was certain that Microsoft intends to launch a version of Xbox Scarlett at a ridiculously low price, a console with limited hardware features and based solely on Project xCloud game streaming.