Pokemon Go: Niantic Labs Anticipates the Arrival of Team Rocket

Pokémon Go

After having glimpsed their logo on the balloon that sailed the skies of Dortmund during the last in-game event of Pokemon GO, the developers of Niantic Labs return to offer us clues about the imminent arrival of Team Rocket in the mobile dimension of their iconic video game for iOS and Android systems.

Thanks also to the information collected by the dataminer, the data hidden within the latest Pokemon GO update contributes to reinforcing the hypothesis of the return of the legendary Team Rocket in the AR universe of the much-followed Niantic mobile game.

The arrival of the reckless criminal organization was anticipated by the activities related to the FotoGO function performed by the participants of the last Pokemon GO Fest , as well as by the recent introduction of the possibility of freely changing teams to make the gaming experience even more sparkling and original.

To want to pay attention to the dataminer and the clues collected by US and German Fest users, the arrival of Team Rocket will coincide with the beginning of a new in-game event based on the invasion mechanics, through which it will be possible to observe the entrance in Foremen’s Pokéstops like Blanche, Candela, and Spark, each in possession of Fire, Water, Grass-type Pokemon and so on. By defeating the Team Rocket associates we could capture a Pokemon in Shadow form, thus gaining an in-game advantage in the subsequent challenges we will perform in Pokemon GO on iOS and Android.