Pokemon Sword and Shield: Present the Challenge of the Gyms and the Champion Cup!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Will Be at the World Hobby Fair, New Details at the End of June

Rather surprisingly, Nintendo and the Game Freak team decided to share with the public a large number of unpublished information on Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield!

Among these, we find several details about the Pokemon struggles that await the Trainers within the new Galar Region. First of all, we learn that our videogame alters ego will find itself taking part in the Challenge of the Gyms, defined as “a real celebration of Pokémon struggles” . Not all aspiring challengers can, however, freely access the event: a fundamental requirement will be to be “sponsored by certain characters”, including the Gym leaders. For this reason, at the beginning of our adventure, we and our rival will receive a letter of reference from the Dandel Champion. With this precious tool in our pocket, we can, therefore, set off for the Challenge of the Gyms, to conquer the coveted eight medals. As a participant in the Challenge of the Gyms, we can wear a uniform made especially for the occasion, of which we can freely choose the number!

But that’s not all: the Galar Region is home to the Champion Cup only once a year. During the event, the best Coaches will compete with each other to try to win the right to challenge the reigning Champion and in turn become Champion or Champion of the Pokemon League. Currently, the reigning champion is Dandel, a coach with extraordinary talent, who has conquered the top of the league on the occasion of his first gym challenge. Absolutely unbeaten, in his team, he can count on a formidable Charizard!

Finally, an interesting element, the large companies of the Galar Region support the passion for Pokemon, sponsoring both the Gyms and the Champion. For this reason, we will be able to find the logos on the uniforms of the Gym and Champion! In closing, we remind you that some Gym Leaders will be exclusive to Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield.